Let's be an IT Resilience

Facing any issues to deploy work-from-home (WFH) solutions with current Movement Control Order (MCO)?

Let’s discuss further on what we can iron out together through this though time. We push our self to ensure IT organization can lend their hand together with us during this hurdle.

If your company need to deploy WFH solution, we are here to help your team deploying it. We also provide a better service in case your current posture did not support heavy VPN connection.

For those effected and having hard time to deploy WFH, do fill up the below questionnaire to help us understand more on current situation.

Let’s us help you with simple understanding of your needs:

What service do you like to explore further with us?
Web Application ProtectionSecure Remote Access (EAA)Video Tele-Conferencing & Collaboration

How many internal applications need to access from the Internet?
What types of connections needed for those URL
HTTPVNCSSHRDPOther (Please specify)

Are those internal application currently load-balanced?
Using a SAML Provider?
Can administrative access to the SAML provider available to obtain?
Are those internal application requires Single Sign On (SSO)?
Is Multi-Functional Authentication (MFA) required for those internal application?